Colloquium: conditions for autonomous reproductive decision-making in prenatal screening

dinsdag 23 mei 2023 13:00 - 14:00

Colloquium research group Community Genetics

Conditions for autonomous reproductive decision-making in prenatal screening - Olga Damman

Assistant Professor, Department of Public and Occupational Health and Amsterdam Public Health research institute, AmsterdamUMC

To investigate what conditions Dutch pregnant women and professional experts consider important for autonomous reproductive decision-making a mixed methods study was conducted in the Netherlands in 2016-2017, when the combined test was in use. A conceptual model was used to interview professional experts and pregnant women. Subsequently, a questionnaire assessed the perceived importance of conditions and the extent to which these were met, in the experience of pregnant women. According to women, discussion and consensus with partners was considered a highly important condition for an autonomous and meaningful decision-making process. Access to information about safety of testing and ensuring that women are not being directed in their decision-making by health professionals seem to be areas for improvement in prenatal care practice.

For background information on this presentation, see Olga C.Damman, Lidewij Henneman, Dalisa V. van den IJssel, Danielle R.M.Timmermans Conditions for autonomous reproductive decision-making in prenatal screening: A mixed methods study. Midwifery. 2023;119.

Hybrid meeting in AmsterdamUMC, Location AMC, Meibergdreef 9, Room L01-252 (this is in the basement, below ground level, to be reached via stairs or elevator at the L or M wing); or join online via Teams:

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